If you do a quick search on this blog, you’ll see the posts about my Mom having brain cancer. She’s been losing more control of her body, falling down a lot etc., and forgetting a lot more things. She had an MRI today and the doc said he wants to go in on Thursday and take out whatever’s in there that shouldn’t be.

They’re not actually sure if it’s a tumor, or scar tissue from the old tumor. If it’s scar tissue, taking it out may give her lots more good years. If it’s a tumor she has about a year left.

They had planned on leaving things well enough alone, but whatever it is is pushing on her brain and hurting her balance and memory. So she falls down and doesn’t call for help. One night she woke up and thought her heard something in the woods, so she went out looking in her jammies. She fell down and stayed there until my dad woke up about 20 minutes later and went looking.

We’ll see what happens after thursday, please pray.

6 thoughts on “Update on my Mom

  1. Topher, thanks for the update about your Mom.
    It is comforting to know that your Mom is in God’s hands. We will praying for wisom for the Dr. treating her.

  2. Tom and I are praying for your Mom, and for comfort and guidance for you during such a trying time. We have been through similar circumstances with our parents, and we care.

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