So, I did a whole bunch of things this last week that are worthy of review. So I’ll dive right in.

Knockaround Guys
My wife’s a Vin Diesel fan, and I like the kinds of movies he’s usually in, so we see quite a few. Knockaround Guys wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was good. Pretty dark, no real feel-good stuff going on. I was surprised at the end, and that doesn’t happen very often.

A Man Apart
Yet Another Vin Diesel Movie, this one was a little more predictable, but it stall had some nice surprises. He’s a cop in southern california, part of a group that stays close to the street. He helps take down a drug king-pin in Mexico, and then someone tries to kill him and kills his wife. He assumes it was the drug lord, but then someone nails the family of the drug lord too. Ou Hero goes a little nuts and goes off the deep end and gets kicked off the force (imagine that). He rounds up some friends and heads to Mexico to find the new Bad Guy, and action ensues. Coolest part: a 400 lb black man named Big Sexy goes into a bar with a 7.62mm gatling gun and unloads. He got their attention.

We ate at the new Fridays out on Alpine. I won’t review the food, it’s the same as at every other Fridays (which is good), but the decor and stuff is very different. It’s quite a different atmosphere from other Fridays I’ve been to. I like it a lot more.

Schulers Bookstore
I also checked out the new Schulers on Alpine. The cafe is a different shape, but other than that, it appears to be identical to the one on 28th. So, it’s cool because it’s close, but appears to have no other redeeming value.

Molly’s New Quote
Molly has learned about that cloth with the stars and stripes on it. It’s called A Miracle Flag. Every time we pass an American Flag, she freaks out and says “Look look look! It’s A Miracle Flag!”. I think that’s just cool on so many levels.

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