Ever look back on some of the things you’ve said in life and just thought "What was I thinking?"  Here some I’ve been thinking about lately.  Some are actually right on, some just from a lack of education.

  • "What are these internet addresses that begin with http:// ?"
  • "I’ve messed around with the World Wide Web a little bit, and I really can’t see a practical use for it."
  • "Gopher is going to change how people use computers."
  • "Microsoft’s Internet Explorer [1.0] is a terrible browser, I can’t see it going anywhere."
  • I hear that PPP is actually going to become more popular than SLIP.
  • "Someday everyone will have PPP access."

3 thoughts on “Things I said.

  1. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer [*] IS a terrible browser, and I can’t see it going anywhere on my computer.

  2. One of those comments was almost prophetic though!!
    “Topher is going to change how people use computers.”

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