One of the things that’s always frustrated me about Twitter is that it’s very very hard to find your own tweets from more than about a month ago. I’ve always wanted something that would save my tweets, and tell me things about them.

There are lots of services that will do this for me, but then I’m paying a monthly fee and I still don’t really own the data, it’s stored someplace I can’t really get at it.

This is where ThinkUp comes in. It’s an open source social media analyzation tool that you can install on your own server. Just like all the services you need to let it access your twitter account, but unlike the services it’s your own piece of software doing it, you’re not giving them unfettered access to your data.

I’ve been running it for several days now and I’m very impressed. It does a good job saving my data and telling me good things about it. They made it really easy to make it run at intervals; you can do old fashioned cron, run it manually, or make your favorite rss reader ping a url every so often to do it.

It’s in active development, has good documentation, and there’s an irc channel for live support.

I highly recommend it.

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