The other day my wife and Sophi were joking around. Sophi was standing by the stairs and my wife was on the couch, holding some scissors. Sophi pretending to talk incessantly, and my wife said “hush child!”. Sophi said “Make me!”. My wife said “I’ll cut your tongue out!”, to which Sophi replied “No you can’t, I can run, and you can’t!” Because you can’t run with scissors or course.

Our neighbor across the street gave the girls a magic set, and they were discussing the stage names they wanted to take. Sophi said “I don’t care, as long as I get to be the beautiful assistent.”

This morning Sophi was washing her face with some special face soap, and yelled from the bathroom “HA! Face soap is like shampoo for your eyebrows!”

One thought on “Great Quotes

  1. love those gals… word-play at breakfast today was on Will’s name — asked them both if they knew what ‘peace and goodwill’ meant. Will: “Oh yeah… that’s where you can pick up a new dresser and some clothes!”

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