Monday morning the doctor came in to see my Mom and asked her what her name was, and she was able to tell him. Since then she hasn’t said much though. She sleeps a LOT, partly because of the drugs, partly on her own. When she’s “awake” it appears that she micro-naps. She opens her eyes, moves them around a bit, and then closes them and sleeps for 8-10 seconds, then opens up again.

She’s had Restless Leg Syndrome for a couple years now, but with the drugs she’s on now they don’t want her to take the meds for that. So her legs are almost always shifting and moving and raising up high. It’s probably good for her actually, it keeps her muscles in action and blood flowing, but it’s odd to see.

Nothing’s really changed in the last few days. As long as that goes on I’ll probably just do the occasional post to let you know nothing’s changed. I made a category just for Mom Posts, you can see it in the list on the right there. If random posts about space and computers and jets bore you, just keep an eye on that category. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Update on my Mom

  1. I’m reminded of a guy in a church I used to go to. He suffered a stroke and lost all ability to speak, even years later; however, he was able to sing the old hymns. The only words I ever heard him speak, or more accurately sing, were in praise to his creator. I alway thought that to be a really neat and somehow inspiring story. May it be a comfort to you in some way today.

  2. Hi Chris~~”Topher,”

    This is your cousin. Your Aunt Phyllis & Rene’ stayed with us while your Mom has been in the hospital. I just happened to run across your website. Rather amazing to me. I have read your updates on your Mom and “My Story.” I have enjoyed your writing very much and have passed it on to our best friend Lori. We are praying for your Mom, Dad and extended family as I am sure the unknown is very hard. I am keeping Lori updated as I am filled in.

  3. Toph, about the car in flicker. It is an MG of some type. My neighbour 6 doors down has one in all green. Lovely. sorry about posting this here….

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