In my previous post about my Mom I mentioned that if she couldn’t stand up, she couldn’t come home, and she’d go to a care home. After further review, we can’t afford the care home, so she comes home on Halloween regardless. If she still can’t stand I’m not sure what we’ll do.

On the other hand, instead of her being away and us broke, she’ll be home, and the insurance money will cover a hospital bed and in-home therapy. Please keep praying that things will go well when she’s home.

2 thoughts on “Update on my Mom

  1. It seems to me that this will be better for her. I will pray not only for strength for her, but insight for the family as to how to help her.

  2. Sometimes having them home can be difficult but as long as there are people to help, it’s better for everyone to be together. We understand the hardship it will be and we’ll be praying for you and your family!

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