I have an XV6700, and there was a software update a few months ago that I just found out about.  It does some cool stuff that used to require hacks, like allowing wifi and phone on at the same time.

So I grabbed the updater and ran it.  It has three stages, the third being an update for the ROM.  It failed.  🙁  I followed all the steps to recover, including the last one, to call tech support.

I got a real person after the first ring, which is impressive.  She listened to me, and immediately upgraded me to tier 2.  He sent to me 3, and 3 immediately sent me to 4.  4 went looking for 5 and came back and said he was going to send me to AudioVOX.  He’s on hold at AudioVOX right now, and that’s been the longest wait.

Watch for more news here.

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