Today I was listening to the Jimi Hendrix Woodstock performance. The last track is a guy telling people thanks, asking them to clean up etc. After he stops talking there’s about 15 seconds of background noise. People are cleaning up, talking etc.

A guy says something like “Hey, don’t go there…” and I can’t make out the rest.

That guy was standing in a field in New York 43 years ago and said something to someone near him. Now here I am in Grand Rapids MI 43 years later hearing him say it. I’ll bet he would NEVER have though such a thing could be possible. The fact that it DID happen amazes me.

I’m also struck by how often I’ll be talking to someone far away, and in the background hear someone talking. Their voice carried hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to be heard where I am, and they have no idea.

How far does your voice carry? Ever think about the fact that sometimes the things you say might be heard hundreds or thousands of miles away?

2 thoughts on “Voices across time

  1. I think about that with vacation photos. How many other people’s vacation photos am I in? We’ll find out with G and F doing face recognition …

  2. I can’t find an email for you or any contact information beside your Twitter account.

    I am having lots of issues with various eCommerce options with WordPress. Lots of clients want to pay with a credit card directly on the site. I’ve defaulted to merchant gateways and more specifically, PayPal. But nothing looks as great as having it integrated on the site. Wondering if SSL is necessary for WP sites or if merchant gateways are the path to go or if I should code it in directly to the page and not use a plugin.


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