There MUST be a nicer name for that sort of thing. I wasn’t making war, I was simply going for a walk with my family with Kismet running on my Zaurus. But there you are.

Last night I went for a walk around the block, and by that I mean we didn’t cross any streets and ended back at my house. On my street there were 7 WAPs, and that really surprised me. It just doesn’t seem like a tech-savvy neighborhood. Wonders never cease.

The most interested one rang the second I stepped outside my front door. It was most interesting because it looks corporate as opposed to personal, with a name of “Team Marketting LLC”. There were 2 with personal names, erikshouse and kittyb, and the rest were default (even mine). There was one “default” one “(no ssid)”, a NETGEAR, and these three: 2WIRE370, 2WIRE855, 2WIRE923. Anyone know what kind of router uses something like that for a default?

The street behind my house had just 2 WAPs, so my block has 10 altogether. 8 had WEP running (mine and eriks don’t).

3 thoughts on “Warwalking

  1. I’m not at all surprised by the number of APs you found, but I am surprised by the percentage that are running WEP. I would have expected the ratio to be the reverse, with 80% of them open.

  2. Honestly because I’m too lazy to set it up in Linux. The excuse I use is that I’m generous, and allow people to borrow it if they need it.

    I don’t pass sensitive data in the clear anyway, so it’s not that big a deal to me.

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