A few short weeks ago, I helped Alan throw away a perfectly good refridgerator because he couldn’t find anyone to take it for free. Quite a short time after that, our own fridge decided it had had enough. It seemed kind of warm in there, so we put a thermometer in and it said it was 65 degrees. Heat is not healthy for things like milk and eggs.

My wife did a wonderful job defrosting it, and it immediately cooled to about 34 degrees, which is cold, but a little TOO cold. Note that the freezer worked just fine the entire time.

A few days later, it was back up to 65 degrees. My wife had been considering a microfridge for a while, and this seemed like a good time to go for it. We bought one from Sears, and I took it home in the back of my truck. My friend Duane helped me move our old one out, and Cate and I moved the new one in. I stubbed my toe on a nail in the process and bled all over, but what major appliance doesn’t need some bloodshed to get it into place.

Anyway, pictures are here.

We were a little concerned that it would be too small for our family, but so far it’s been just fine. We even have a little space leftover. We have a short upright freezer in the basement to keep stuff like chicken from Sam’s etc, so that’s not a concern. Also, now that we have a short fridge, we can put a counter there, and have a significant addition to the kitchen counter surface. That’s a big deal. We’ve always wanted more, specifically an island, but the kitchen just didn’t have the space for it, We also put the microwave on a shelf, which gave us even more in the immediate.

All-in-all, it’s been an excellent purchase. It was MUCH cheaper than a full size fridge, and they tell us it costs only $28/yr to run. That on top of the added counter space makes it a better option for us. I’m not sure we’d put another full size fridge in the kitchen even if someone gave it to us.

2 thoughts on “The Fridge

  1. That looks very cool, but I’m disappointed there weren’t any photos of the bloodshed.

    Ideally, we’d do something like that too, but we need storage for big jugs of milk and many many fresh vegetables. I think we’d be running out of space very soon. 🙁

  2. When it comes to refrigerators, I’m from the old skool get-the-biggest-you-can-afford camp. If I can’t get my entire family inside as a bomb shelter with room for a game of poker between us, it’s not big enough.

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