A few months ago the owner of HeroPress sent me an email and said “I think you should go to WordCamp Europe for HeroPress, can I cover that for you?” I thought long and hard for about 4 seconds before saying yes!  We decided to throw in some extra so that my wife could go along, she’s as much as part of HeroPress as I am.

So now we’re off to Vienna, Austria for WordCamp! We’re super excited.  We’re flying Austrian Airlines, which doesn’t fly out of Grand Rapids, so today we drove to Chicago. Just as we were getting to the hotel in Chicago the battery light came on in the Jeep, and it started sounding odd.  When we got there and I opened the hood the alternator was smoking.

I called AAA, and for $40 I was able to get us to a cooler insurance plan that covers towing the Jeep all the way back to Grand Rapids at no extra cost. Now we’re looking at taking the train back to Grand Rapids once we get home from Austria.

Our trip will quite literally involve planes, trains, and automobiles.

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