I have a new sidebox, titled “My Current Desktop”. It’s kind of down low, since I try to put more functional, important stuff near the top. The way it works is pretty cool. I have a small script on my machine called makeshot, and it holds this:

import -pause 5 -window root topher_desktop.jpg
convert -sample 150x112 topher_desktop.jpg topher_desktop_thumb.jpg
ncftpput -u topher -p ******* web/phlog/graphics/ topher_desktop.jpg topher_desktop_thumb.jpg

The import gets the root shot, pausing 5 seconds first to give me time to clear any thing I want. The convert makes the thumb, and ncftpput uploads both. Then I made that file 755 and hooked it to an Enlightenment menu item, so all I have to do it press the menu item and it grabs a shot and uploads it.

The date on it is just the filesystem timestamp, gathered with php, 2 hours added to fix the time zone offset (which my posts currently do not), and printed in a nice format. One mouse click on my desktop to change the thumb, the large, and the time on the website. I love Linux.

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