Alan, you’ve been in Hawaii long enough now to have been around the block a few times, and hopefully to have seen past the tourist façade. In light of that, I have a few questions, questions that wouldn’t even necessarily be answered by being a tourist myself. I hope you’ll answer these on your own blog for the benefit of all mainlanders. 🙂

1. What does Hawaiian money look like? (just kidding)

2. How much is gas per gallon?

3. How much is milk per gallon?

4. How prevalent is hawaiian kitsch? (I found hula girl salt and pepper shakers here of you need’em)

5. How often do you see “Hawaiian” shirts?

6. Do people who’ve lived there a long time still go to the beach much?

7. How much is a pineapple?

8. Has moving affected your job much?

9. I would imagine you like tons of stuff about being there, what don’t you like?

10. Have you had any food you’d never heard of?

I think that’s it for now. Have fun. 🙂

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Alan

  1. More questions:

    • Be honest – how much time have you spent on the beach? (this could be high OR low).
    • What’s the most tourist-y thing you’ve done so far?
    • Have people called or referred to you as a Haole/Happa Haole to your face?
    • Do you have any fruit (pineapple, mangoes, etc) growing near where you live – and if so, have you eaten any of it?
    • What is the coolest or most interesting new thing that you’ve done or experienced (or both)?
  2. A post is coming. It is half-written and just waiting for me to take a break from hula classes and mai tais so that I can finish it out.

  3. The answering post is complete! Topher, you should add trackback support to phlog so that people don’t have to manually worry about updating things when one post is in response to another.

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