I have a new sidebox today, something I’ve been meaning to build for a long time. You can now see all posts in a category. I want to put the number of posts IN that category right after the category name, but I am content for now.

One of the things I noticed is that I’ve only ever done one music review. That amazes me, since I have such a diverse taste in music. I guess I just don’t blog about it. I should.

This blog software is called phlog, and I think I’m going to change that. There are too many “photo blogs” out there, and phlog.[‘net’,’com’,’org’] are taken. A direction I want to go is many users per install, specifically for use at our radio station, so I have a name in mind for it, but I’ll not put it here for the google monkeys to find.

Anyway, I know this wil spur you all to re-read every post I’ve ever made, so I won’t drag this one out any longer.

3 thoughts on “New sidebox

  1. No longer called “PHLog”, eh? Too bad – I thought that was a pretty cool package name…..”get phlogged” and such. So what’s the new name going to be?

  2. Well, I had been thinking of rblog (sort of a play on “our blog”) for “radio blog”, since it’s for the radio station. But it turns out that there’s already an rblog. Then I thought about RadioBlog, but there are lots of blogs out there about radio called radio blogs.

    So I’m trying to think of a name. We’ll see what happens.

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