The other day after lunch, each of my girls got a Ring Pop, a sucker with a ring for a handle.  Sophi’s was very blue, and at the end her tongue was very blue also.

Sophi's Blue Tongue
Figure 1

After that the girls went down for a nap.  Somehow (who can fathom?) her thumb also turned blue!  Imagine that.

Sophi's Blue Thumb
Figure 1

2 thoughts on “Blue thumb

  1. how lovely! the best fun comes with easter… when the girls get those malted eggs, have them do a little spittage and then use the eggs like lipstick. makes a pleasant shade of blue lipstick!

  2. Speaking of thumbs…
    recently in our trip to Italy we visited Siena, in Tuscany.
    They are particularly devoted to St. Catherine…they had her real THUMB on display! I hope she was dead when they took it!

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