Both my girls love to play on  It has great flash games for kids, and they both started around the age of 3.  I highly recommend it.

Many of the "games" are merely drawing tools, where the kids can either use "normal" paint tools like a paintbrush, or stylized brushes, like bits of fruit or something.

Molly's Solar SystemToday Molly (age 6) drew a picture of the solar system.  You can see a thumbnail there on the right, and if you click it, you can see a full size version.

That’s Earth there at the bottom.  The small yellow dot is the Sun, and there’s a "sparkly star" in the middle.  It has some dots in it, I think those are the sparkles.

Top right is Mars.  Top left is Uranus, you can see the lines in the clouds.

I’ve shown her Mars at night, and pointed out that it’s "red".  Apparently she thinks it’s more orange.  I have NO idea where she got her info about Uranus.

Sophi did a lovely Easter Bunny today, and I didn’t get a screenshot.  🙁  Next time…

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