XV6700I got approval for a new cell phone in early May. It’s going to be a Verizon Wireless XV6700.  I’ve always thought that a phone and PDA should be merged.  My PDA keeps track of phone numbers, but I need them in my phone too, so I end up with duplicates.  They have a LOT of overlapping duties, and the idea of a single device to handle them all is very appealing.

I know, I know, it runs windows.  I can live with that.  I probably won’t be able to sync with my desktop, but I’ve never been much for syncing on any of the PDAs I’ve owned (Palm, Linux, and soon Windows).

So why’s it cool?  3 reasons:

  • Built in wifi.
  • High quality hardware keyboard
  • The screen auto flips sideways when the screen comes out, so it’s 320×240.

It runs IE of course, but Opera and Minimo will run on it, and there’s a PuTTY implementation for SSH.  As long as I can use a real web browser, and SSH, I’m happy.

It has a miniSD slot, so I can put in up to 2G of space for files, and it has windows media player, so I should be able to play mp3’s at least.  It has MSN IM, which doesn’t thrill me, but I’m hoping for a WM version of something like trillian or gaim.  I’ll need Jabber, it’s becoming a LOT more significant in my buddy list.

3 thoughts on “New Cell Phone!

  1. LOL.
    I just got my very own XV6700 the day before yesterday. I’ve recently become, in practical terms, the sysadmin for my company (long scary story; I’ll tell you about it later), which opens the door to all sorts tech.
    I’m still exploring it, be forewarned there are a few registry hacks and things you have to implement before it becomes truly cool. Great to know that there is an SSH client.
    Stay frosty.

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