I own the old classic Grinch cartoon on VHS. I want it in digital format, mpg or avi or something. I have a video importer, but it’s not connected and it’s awful to use. I could get the DVD and rip it, but I want it NOW. I tried BitTorrent, and it said it would only take 36 hours to download on my high speed connection.

Anyone have it?

UPDATE: never mind, I’m all set. :)

3 thoughts on “Bring me the head of the Grinch!

  1. Sorry, as I was clicking out of your site I saw the word UPDATE~~I came back and you had answered my question I think.

  2. See, now *here* I could have helped you. If I recall correctly, however, it was you that gave Josh G. like 20 Christmas cartoons digitally recorded. Mr. Grinch wasn’t there, eh?

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