Marvin The MartianDuck Dodgers

The first two patches are from the Mars Rover Projects, A and B respectively.  I just noticed it today, and thought it was really cool.  The people who work on the projects all have those patches.  You can read more about the patches here.

The bottom one is the logo of the Silver Snoopy award, which is an actual NASA award for people who go above and beyond the call of duty.  The snoopy reference stems from the days of Apollo 10, when the Command and Lunar modules were called Charlie Brown and Snoopy, respectively.  During that voyage, Snoopy made the trip along with them in the papers.  His own space capsule oddly resembled his Sopwith Camel, which again oddly resembles a dog house.  I first read that series in about 1976, and it was really cool.

Snoopy always did what Charles Schulz was either doing or wished he was doing.  He always wanted to go to space, and it was a huge honor for him to have his characters involved that way.

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