I have 2 Axis 2100 network cameras, and I like them very much. For the unintiated, a network camera differs from a “webcam” in that it is a machine unto itself. It has a built in OS, web server, email server, etc. The Axis 2100 is light, runs linux, and has lots of features. Currently $300 at

But this review isn’t about the Axis. Yesterday one of my two died, so I had to find something else in a hurry. So I got the Dlink DCS-1000W from CompUSA.

I’ll keep this fairly simple.

The Good:

  • Cheaper, only $200
  • It’ll do 802.11b as well as standard ethernet
  • Easy install
  • In stock, in town

The Bad:

  • Requires windows to install it (Axis does not)
  • I still haven’t made the wireless work
  • I have it uploading a still every 30 seconds via ftp. About every 5th upload is a corrupted image. That’s BAD.

It has fewer features than the Axis, but then, it’s $100 cheaper. Since I don’t NEED the wireless, and work is footing the bill, I’ll probably stick with an Axis. I haven’t decided if I’ll return this, or find a use for it. The streaming video is quite good, as long as you’re on the same network. The FPS is auto sensed based on bandwidth, so when you go over the internet, it drops way down.

As a side note, Epinions ROCKS. The review for the DCS-1000w is long and detailed.

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