This morning I was sitting next to Ema and I asked her if she was in the
middle of a book at the moment. She said no, and I asked her if she was
interested in a nice summer adventure. I was thinking Over Sea, Under

“Does it have pirates in it?” she asked.

“No”, I said “but is has treasure and adventure.”

“I really prefer stuff with war in it. Space stuff, like laser cannons,
laser guns, space ships; like Star Wars!” she said.

I’m so proud.

Then later this morning Sophi and Ema were playing Lego Star Wars on the
Nintendo. “Are you guys having fun?” I asked.

“Yep!” Ema said. “It’s just destruction, destruction, destruction! It’s

One thought on “Laser cannons and stuff

  1. Please tell me you suggested Starship Troopers to her.

    If answer = no then
    goto tellheraboutStarshipTroopers


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