My wife and I are without children again this weekend, so today we went to see the “NASCAR IMAX 3D Experience“.

I’ve always loved IMAX movies, simply because everything’s so big, and the sound is impressive. When you add in 3D, it’s just that much cooler.

I’m mostly a NASCAR fan, which means I don’t mind watching it, and the standings interest me. That made me pre-dosposed to enjoy the IMAX show, and it was very good.

It was more than just on-car camera (though there was a good amount of that, and it was very cool), they focused on history, how the cars are made, great families of NASCAR, drivers, driver spouses, and fans.

An interesting stat I picked up is that on race day, Bristol Tenessee becomes the 3rd largest city in Tenessee, and the rest of the year it’s 23rd.

I strongly recommend it for anyone, not just fans. For those who aren’t fans, just sitting there in 3D behind the wheel of a hot car going 180mph with 40 speakers telling you just how loud the engine is makes it exceptionally cool.

For those who ARE fans, you’ll never get closer than this.

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