My sister loaned me this cd today, and I’ve listened to it 3 times so far today.  Sindh is quite simply Gypsy music, which is anything but simple.  The music has elements of celtic, middle eastern, and eastern European woven carefully throughout.

There are no vocals, and only two primary instrumentalists.  They play a very wide variety of stringed instruments, ranging from guitar to sitara, to fiddle, with a little bit of penny whistle thrown in.  There’s a third guy who plays bass and percussion occasionally, but not on every song.

At times it’s quick and dance-like, and at other times slow and contemplative.  It’s always outside typical American music however, and if you enjoy smart, quality, non-mainstream music, this’ll work for ya.  Friends know where to find samples.

5 thoughts on “Sindh, E Muzeki

  1. funny how i ran into your blog: i was looking up a defenition for topher to see if there’s any meaning to the name and all these fansites came up for topher grace….then there was yours. i thought, hmm is this topher grace’s blog? nah….. let’s read it anyway.

    then i saw what you were currently reading. the westing game! i love that book. takes me back a few years but it was really good. i hope you like it too :)

    oh and the button… i couldn’t resist.

  2. Topher is the second half of Christopher. :) I read The Westing Game for the first time in High School, and many times since. It’s fun every time. I’ve actually finished it now, and been too lazy to change the icon.

    Glad you liked the button. :)

  3. You berry berry bad for my CD budget! Stop introducing me to all these AMAZING artists that I simply MUST have… :-D

  4. Lets try this again. I love E Muzeki. I found them at the Michigan Ren Fest 2004. I like their first CD a little better but there both great! I cant find anything else like them.

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