I’ve put this post off for a long time, the content will be a little dated. I’m sure all of us have been in a public rest-room and seen the graffiti that can reside there. It can be… earthy.

Back when the last Harry Potter book was newly out, I used the room at Barnes and Noble out at Rivertown and found these gems:

Fear is the mind killer.

Voldemort kills Snape.

That last one was just nasty. It was far too close to the book release to be telling people that kind of thing. It must have been a particularly mean thug.

2 thoughts on “Snooty graffiti

  1. Yeah, I work at a K12 school, and generally only see graffiti like:

    [Principal Name] is a big [Colorful Profanity]

    The middle school generally has more creative profanity. In the elementary, graffiti is generally constrained to:


    All in caps. :)

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