I used to use the RSS feed from that Jamie Zawinski made (they’re not cool enough to have their own).  It was ok, but not a lot of traffic, and some pretty boring news.

This weekend I found  Wow.  It has a great combination of completness, diversity, and categorization.  For example, there are RSS feeds specifically for news about Mercury, Saturn, Mars, and the ISS.  They actually give regular reports, several per week, regardless of whether planet shattering news is found or not.

If you’re into space, it’s a must watch on the rss feeds.  If you’re mildly interested, just watch me re-post the cool stuff.  :)

One thought on “Space News Source

  1. This is a cool site. I will have to pass it on to my boss. He really liked the picture-a-day space shot one, too.

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